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Aryde gives you the tools and technology to improve the performance of your fleet, from booking, dispatch, and billing, to driver and rider engagement.

Taxi & Shuttle operators


Software designed for success

Use our AI based run creation, dispatch and routing system to get 30% more out of your fleet operations and reduce booking lead times. How you choose to do this can be configured easily by you.

Make your riders smile

Your passengers expect a high-quality experience, and we help you curate better experiences that build brand loyalty. Our apps and tools make the journey planning, payment and ticketing process a great experience, to keep your riders coming back for more.

Moving over to Aryde is as easy as changing lanes

Existing customer accounts can be migrated to our platform without hassle. From there you can manage your customers, booking, invoicing and record keeping all with a few clicks.

Reliable and road ready

Our systems are designed to give you mission critical support with 99.95% reliability. And you get access to new features as they are developed through our partnership SaaS agreement.

Share rides with ease

Your fleet has the power to flex by offering single rides and shared rides at the touch of a button. Give your passengers the option to share journeys when it benefits them.

Increased revenue opportunities

Passengers can enjoy content streamed to their smartphones as they travel, with every view generating revenue from our advertising network – which is shared with you and your passengers.

Leverage Aryde's technology for your business

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