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Our experienced board and leadership team helps drive Aryde's people, product and performance. We partner with transport software specialists Company X to ensure we continue to develop a world-leading product that transforms our clients' businesses, and their customers' journeys. 

World-class leadership 

We believe the transport sector can – and should – do better to reduce carbon emissions. Aryde's technology makes this possible. We give transport operators the ability to track carbon emitted throughout passenger journeys, facilitate better ride-sharing, reduce congestion, and make informed decisions to reduce carbon across their fleet and operations. 

Driving sustainability 

Aryde delivers fully integrated digital solutions to transform people-moving businesses. Our online tools help businesses simplify operations, improve revenue, reduce carbon emissions, and curate better experiences for employees and passengers. 

Technology to transform

Welcome to Aryde. We create technical solutions to help businesses that move people. 

We help move people 


Putting you in the driver's seat of your business 

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