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We can provide insights to enhance your advisory services and offer strategic relationship opportunities to grow your revenue.



Better insights drive more informed solutions

The Aryde Transit Index and our city-wide insights provide a range of historical, real-time and predictive analysis, giving you the data you need to develop better solutions for your clients.

We measure on-time performance, cancellations, social media insights and more across multiple cities. This data can shape strategic advice, business case recommendations, and performance reporting. Aryde can also be your technology partner for a range of client proposals.

Expand how you engage with stakeholder groups

Deliver customised surveys to target specific passenger groups while they’re on the move, providing you with real-time insights and feedback. Our smart surveys pinpoint where the passenger is on their journey, reducing the time taken for people to complete surveys.

Connecting you across the wider transport eco-system

Aryde is building a diverse network of strategic partnerships across the transport sector, including industry experts, government clients, technology companies and transport operators.

Become an Aryde recommended consultant

We provide transport and people-moving operators with the technology and insights to help them run their business. Join our network of Aryde recommended consultants, and we will connect clients you require additional support with you.

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Leverage Aryde's technology for your business

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