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We give bus and rail operators the tools and technology to improve rider experience and develop new products and services to reach new markets.

Bus & Rail operators


Riders expect the best

The Aryde app allows passengers to plan, book, and pay for their journeys, creating a smooth and effortless experience. Smart surveys can also be pushed through the app to give you insight into your passengers’ experience, and areas for improvement.

Happy staff, happy riders

Our employee app helps your staff to offer excellent customer service. From sharing travel disruption updates with riders, to information on rostering, Aryde’s employee app helps your team to stay up to date and enables them to go the extra mile.

Rewarding riders and creating new revenue

Give something back to your riders while they travel and help them to enjoy their destination. We give your riders access to engaging content streamed straight to their smartphones while they travel. Every view of our content generates revenue from our advertising network and we share this with you and your riders.

See how your business is tracking

Get information on your operational performance across all your routes in real time. Review historic data and use our AI tools to predict future performance. Configure your management information reporting simply and share it with your partners in the way that works best for you.

Leverage Aryde's technology for your business

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